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Whether Asian /vegetarian food is available in Chernivtsy?

chernivtsy is comparatively warm place in Ukraine. chernivtsy region is very rich in agriculture. Almost all major fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, milk products are available throughout the year in chernivtsy. Therefore, for vegetarians it is very suitable place in comparison to other cities. Beside this there are several restaurants .
moreover BSMU is only university in Ukraine,who is providing Indian and asian food for foreign TAJMAHAL is situated in BSMU campus.
Whether degree of graduates of BSMU is recognized in India and abroad?
Yes, it is not only recognized in India but almost all over the world. As per the latest Gazette
of Government of India all the graduates of foreign medical institutions are required to clear screening test to be conducted twice a year (last Saturday/Sunday of September and last Saturday/Sunday of March) by National Board of Examination to be get registered by the Medical Council of India.
If a graduate not returns back to India and wishes to work in other foreign country like USA, England or Europe then he is not supposed to give this screening test, but he has to follow the rules of that particular country.

Whether Indian channels are available in Chernivtsy ?
Yes.There are many indian tv channels available in hostel.
Whether PG degree of BSMU is recognized in India and abroad?
PG degree of BSMU is recognized in European countries and in all major countries of world .No any PG degree of any foreign University is recognized in India, whether it is of Ukraine or England or USA or any other country. But still many people are preferring to do PG abroad specially those who do not get admission in India.
Whether girls are safe in BSMU or in Chernivtsy?
Yes. There are more than 200 foreigner girls including Indians , Malaysians and Arabians are studying presently in BSMU and living safely in university hostel. In fact girls are more safe in Chernivtsy than in another cities

What type of hostels are there in BSMU?
BSMU has its five hostels. Mostly foreign students are living in Hostel No.5. Hostels are multistoried with central heating system, continuous hot & cold water supply, canteen, recreation room, students' club, library etc. There are three type of rooms- single/double and triple bedded with toilet/ bathroom and kitchen (continuous gas supply) . All rooms are fully furnished.

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