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Bukovinian State Medical University

"Bukovinian State Medical University's mission is to graduate doctors who are competent in a broad range of diagnostic, consultative, communication and organizational skills, are conscious of their social responsibilities, are committed to lifelong learning and research as a foundation to providing high quality patient-centred care, and will positively engage with other healthcare professionals and the health service in advocating for the health care."

 Chancellor’s Message

“The most important principle of our work is a wish that science and medicine were humane, highly intelligent, that the physician not only helped the person to overcome a disease, but also displayed kindness, high morals and worked for the positive development of mankind."
I welcome those aspiring candidates, who have dream to serve the society as a doctor. Our location, facilities, teachers and programs were all chosen to provide the students with the greatest possible opportunity to achieve their goals. Our spacious and modern facilities provide our students with a pleasant study atmosphere.
We are proud of our history, the university, its employees, its present and future graduates! We can and will bring expertise in Ukraine and abroad!

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

 Vice Chancellor’s Message

“The quality of education is judged by the teaching staff and then by the technical facilities available for training, Bukovinian State Medical University fulfills both criteria. Our university not only in Ukraine but is also known abroad for its tradition of training and for its highly qualified staff."
Bukovinian State Medical University is the best place for those who are willing to become a doctor with excellence and complete knowledge of their profession.”


Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor


'Welcome to study at BSMU'

"Bukovinian State Medical University is announced the Best Medical University in Ukraine, according to top list of Medical and other Universities by WEBOMETRICS-2013. This list contains 12 000 universities all over the World. It has only 20 universities from Ukraine at this list."

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